Why We Are Different

Today’s housing market has changed. It is time to move the buying process into the future as well.  


Sharing the commission with our clients is how we show our appreciation not only for the business, but for the research and work we know most home buyers are already putting into their search. Thanks to the internet and online housing platforms, the amount of information about the current market available at any home buyer’s fingertips is unparalleled. In the past, realtors acted as a gatekeeper for access to housing market information. In today’s current world, the broker’s role and capability has shifted. Because of this, we believe adjusting the commission aspect of home buying is the next logical step.


For example: the average home price in Denver is over $480,000* The normal commission paid to a buyer’s broker is 2.8% of the purchase price. This means, that if you purchase a $480,000 house with Square State Realty, you have the potential of receiving $6,720 from us. That’s money right back into your pocket. Getting you and your family into the right home, is our passion. Doing it the Square State way is our pleasure.


(The Denver Post, May 4, 2017 “Metro Denver’s average home sale price hits record $487,974 in April, even as number of closings cools” Aldo Svaldi).